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Five Criteria You Should Consider When Forming a Builders Guild for Your Master Planned Community

You are developing a master planned community.  After working with your various consultants, you’ve crafted an inspiring vision and an optimized master plan.  It is designed to generate incremental and sustained value for you, your financial partners and the community’s future residents.  Now, you must find the right implementation team.  Unless you have your own homebuilding company and/or plan to build each of the houses yourself, you are going to need to enlist the assistance of third-party homebuilding companies. 

Finding and working with the right homebuilders – those who are professional, ethical, passionate about what they do and embrace your vision – is critical to the success of your community.  Otherwise, the chances of achieving your goals will be severely hampered and perhaps impossible.  While homebuilders will typically be your number one source for lot sales, they shouldn’t just be people to whom you sell lots.  They should be your allies and partners.

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